A Woman of Substance – 10-pack

A Woman of Substance by Sheila F. Eismann


10-pack set at 10% off.

A Woman of Substance is a practical, interactive, and entertaining 12-week Bible study designed to help equip you to fulfill your God-given destiny and impact your culture for Jesus Christ at the same time.

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10-pack set at 10% off.

A practical, entertaining, step-by-step guide to help you become all you want and need to be in today’s society!

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This book can also be purchased individually – click here.

A woman’s Bible Study often contains the “usual” women such as Esther and Ruth, who are both shining examples of ladies who have hearts to serve God. Sheila does a terrific job of integrating these women into A Woman of Substance but doesn’t stop there. A lesser-known Biblical woman is Abigail and her story is told in a chapter cleverly titled “Dear Abby.”

Sheila mixes in humor with stories from her Idaho upbringing. In addition, A Woman of Substance contains a variety of Bible verses from both the Old and New Testaments. She spices up the study with references to word origins and definitions as well as self-reflection questions which challenge the reader to grow personally through the process. This variety of options makes the book appealing to a wide variety of readers with various learning styles.

The book includes space for notes and answers making a separate notebook unnecessary. Finally, the book itself is small enough to fit in the pocket of a Bible book cover so A Woman of Substance can be easily accessed at any time by the reader.

A percentage of the sale of each one of these books will be donated to Chrysalis Women’s Transitional Living in Boise, Idaho, in an effort to help empower women to make positive life changes.

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Sheila Eismann


124 pages


124 pages


Desert Sage Press, 2009


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