A Woman of Substance by Sheila F. Eismann

A Woman of Substance“When ministering to women, I am excited to have access to a Bible Study that hits the mark of truth for women who desire to live within our society with confidence of who they are. Establishing a firm spiritual foundation is vital in our unstable world. A Woman of Substance affords an outline upon which to build that foundation, providing a breadth of Biblical teaching that allows deep spiritual growth. In this practical step-by-step study, a woman’s beauty is revealed to be deeper than the surface of her skin. Each reader will be able to glean from these practical teachings through clever analogies of everyday applications that will help build her thoughts and boundaries which will stand against any manner of adversity. She will also be able to identify other women of substance and appreciate how they influence the lives of those around them.” ~Laura M.

Stirrings of the Spirit by Sheila F. Eismann

Stirrings of the Spirit“Stirrings of the Spirit is one of the most powerful books on the market today. Sheila Eismann shares her story about miraculous healing power of God. She tells us how God guided her through and supernaturally intervened in the traumatic events of her life and those she loves. Her daughter’s near death experience, her husband’s spiritual fight with lymphoma, her rafting accident and her father’s escape from hell. When faced with words of death and discouragement, Sheila pressed in and relied on the authority and truth of God’s word. Sheila intimately reveals her love of God- Jesus who never changes! He is the same “yesterday, today and forever,” working miracles, healing hearts and answering prayers. Bring a box of Kleenex and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you through this book. For nothing is impossible with God.” ~Martha C.

Straight from the Horse’s Trough by Sheila F. Eismann

Straight from the Horse's Trough“Author, Sheila Eismann has a knack for taking very few pages and packing it full of information. She packed a punch with her Bible study, A Woman of Substance. She got my own heart stirring in her last book, Stirrings of the Spirit, and now has moved into a new genre, sharing her insights on gardening in her newest project, Straight From the Horse’s Trough – Gardening Help for the Suburbanite and Urbanite.

You will enjoy Sheila’s delightful lingo as she explains how she came across the idea for gardening in a horse trough. She gives very specific and helpful instructions for planting various garden treats. The author sets out to encourage those with small yards. She lets them know that hope is still alive for them to be able to enjoy a healthier life style with being able to plant the vegetables of their choice in a small space. Even for those with larger yards, this can still have benefits, namely the ease on your back!

You will not be disappointed in this selection. Sheila Eismann always makes you feel through her writing like she is right there having a cup of tea with you. You will enjoy getting to know this author and I know you will be excited to try her proven method of gardening in small spaces!” ~JoEllen C.